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Is it cheaper to buy from Online Car Insurance?

Purely from premium perspective, Online Car Insurance may seem cheaper. However, with limited or no customer service support, you are all by yourself to interpret their policy terms and conditions. Unless you are equipped with some legal background, it is never easy to understand the policy wordings and the terms and conditions stated within. When all is safe and well, you may be better off with the S$50 to S$100 savings. But when an unfortunate incident happens, think again. Google and read up their feedback in the forums. You will know what we mean.

Certain Online Insurers may treat rims upgrading as an illegal modification i.e. they may reject your claims as the upgraded rims are no longer considered LTA approved or not as per factory’s preferred specification. While this upgrading seems common to many of us, it may potentially make you poorer by ten over thousands dollars for a mere S$50 to S$100 savings in premium. Other benefits may be removed from your entitlement such as reduced Personal Accident coverage, removal of replacement car’s benefit, or making it mandatory for you to only repair your car at their designated workshops that may not meet your expectations on quality.

Sum up, when you choose to go for Online Insurers, make sure you are the expert and do read up their policy wordings thoroughly. It is only fair that you understand what you have bought and the coverages that come with it.

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