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Is it safer to take up an auto (car) loan from Bank, a Finance Company or even from a Car Dealer?

It is safer to take up an auto loan from a Bank as they offer a more structured, transparent and stable interest rate.

While banks may re-possess your vehicle when you fail to service the committed repayments, this is done it a legal manner. While Finance Companies may not have the robust system of a bank, some more reputable ones are not too bad too.

The least recommended among the 3 mentioned will be taking a loan from a car dealer. There may be some unethical ones who insist that you have to take up their in-house car loan and/or to purchase only their designated car insurance plan once you’ve expressed interest and signed on documents on the car purchase. The loan offered by them may involve exorbitant fees and interests for non-receipt of payment from you, or their offered insurance plan may be costlier than what you can source outside. Failure to accept their terms, you may run the risk of forfeiting your deposits (if any).

Most car buyers turned to car dealers for loan if they do not have a good credit history to get a bank’s loan or, they do not meet the income criteria/deposit to qualify for one. In this situation, it may be more advisable for you to hold back your car purchase plan till you are more financially ready to have one.