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What are the factors that affect your Car Insurance Premium?

Well, many factors can affect your car insurance premium.

Age – If you are below 30 years or above 65 years, your premium will be higher and so will be your excess.
Your occupation – Classified as either indoor or outdoor. Premium will be higher for jobs of outdoor nature due to higher tendency/frequency to use your vehicle (compared to an indoor job). Certain occupation, example, Pilots may have to pay higher premium as they are used to traveling at faster speed.
Vehicle type – Needless to say, choice of your vehicle is one key determining factor for the premium payable. Surely, you don’t expect an Audi’s insurance to cost the same as a Toyota’s.

Driving history – Drivers with accidents record or history of traffic offences will have to pay higher premium too.

Insurer’s risk appetite – As vehicle/auto/car insurance is a commercialised product, the risk appetite of each insurance company is neither uniform nor transparent to the consumers. They do periodic adjustments to their premium based on their overall portfolio’s claims history and customers’ profile.
Rule of thumb is, drive safely and build up your No Claim Discount (NCD) to enjoy more affordable premium. And, feel free to approach quotigo as we are the specialists who are fully aware of the market’s pricing. So, just leave the leg work to us while we source for the most competitive quotations for you to choose from, at the comfort of your home.

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