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What does buying up or down your excess amount means?

Some insurers allow you to buy up or down your excess amount. So what does this exactly means?

For example, a standard excess is S$500 where the premium is at S$558. Buying up your excess means you can opt to increase the excess amount to S$1,500 and in return, your premium may reduce to S$477.

On the other hand, buying down your excess simply means that if your standard excess is S$1,000 at S$738 premium, you can opt to buy down your excess to S$300. By doing so, your premium may increase to S$810.
At quotigo, we are able to tailor your car insurance excess amount accordingly to your risks appetite.

You may opt for a standard excess, or buy up or down your excess. Whichever your preference, we are able to assist you. Contact our Team of General Insurance Certified Service Managers at 8818 0007, 8828 0007, 8838 0007, 8858 0007 or 8868 0007 for your free, no obligation vehicle insurance quotes.

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