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What is the difference between “Authorised Workshop Plan” and “Any Workshop Plan”?

Authorised Workshop Plan means that you have to send your vehicle to a designated list of insurer’s preferred workshops for repair in an event of claiming against your own policy. The 3rd party’s damaged vehicle can be sent to a workshop of their choice for repair. Authorised Workshop Plan may cost 10% to 15% lower than Any Workshop Plan. You may request for the list of the insurer’s authorised workshops to assess their creditability before signing up for their policy.

Any Workshop Plan as the name suggested, you may send your vehicle to any workshop for repair in the event of a claim against your policy. While this plan costs more than the authorised workshop plan, it provides you the flexibility to repair your vehicle at any of your preferred workshop. If your vehicle is still under warranty or you have a strong preference for specific workshop(s), it is advisable that you choose this plan.

Having said that, there are some insurers who charge you with Authorised Workshop Plan’s premium yet able to accept your warranty workshop as their preferred workshop even though your vehicle is still under the manufacturer’s standard warranty. No agent will share this with you but at quotigo, we will. We pride to be transparent, and will willingly share our list of authorised workshops and policy wordings for your comparison before you have to make a decision.

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