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What is the difference between “Insurance Agent” and “Insurance Agency”?

Not all, but most Insurance Agents are those who specialises in Life Insurance who also doubled up to do Auto/Car Insurance (General Insurance) as part of their service, or to supplement their income especially when the market is gloomy. Their main specialisation is in Life Insurance and hence, may not be the best personnel to also advise you on Car Insurance. Besides, you may be presented with limited and not the best quotations as they may only represent a particular Life Insurance Company where they have limited resources/options for comparison.

An Insurance Agency is a league higher than an agent. It should be ACRA registered with a proper office setup to host walk-in customers. They should have a Team of experts supporting you round the clock with regards to your General Insurance matters.

Whether it is an agent or agency, it is important to take precaution against an individual who insists on cash collection from you.

quotigo is not a Life Insurance representative so please be assured that we will not pressure you to buy a savings plan from us. We are properly registered and located at a premium office to serve our walk-in customers.