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Reasons for the rise of Grab Drivers

Interested in joining the ranks and becoming an Grab Driver but unsure of where to start? Doubtful of the pay that Grab has to offer? Skeptical of Grab Insurance, its pricing and its effectiveness?

There is an estimated 50,000 Grab Drivers and those numbers are on the rise. Reasons for that exponential rise are as such:

  1. Low cost of renting a car and/or buying Grab insurance
  2. Work Flexibility
  3. With a mean $22 of net earning per hour with no qualifications needed (other than driver license and Grab Insurance of course) who wouldn’t want to join the industry?

Uber entered the market early which as given them the edge and forced themselves to the pinnacle of this industry for the past 5 years. Other companies such as Grab is now challenging the status quo. The competitive landscape has forced the private hire industry to dish out more innovative ideas and schemes to attract more drivers. It is no wonder that many drivers are using both Uber and Grab. One of the methods used to attract more drivers is reduction of the prices of car rental and motor insurance

Many drivers rent cars not for the sole purpose of partnering with Grab but so that they are able to rent a car for a cheap competitive cost. This exposes and introduces them to Grab and the benefits that come from being an Grab Driver. With only a few trips to fulfil as an Grab driver for better incentives, the returns are worth the price.

Work Flexibility and work life balance is what every employee looks for when joining a company. Uber and Grab wins in that they let you be your own boss. Decide when you wish to drive, decide when you wish to take a break, its all up to you. There is no minimum rides to fulfil as a driver and you can take charge of your work and life.

The cost of renting a car and operating an Grab Business is approximately $70 a day. Estimating each trip to be $10, that would mean 8 trips a day to cover all the car expenses including fuel consumption and motor insurance, that is of course, taking into account the cheap Grab Insurance and Motor Insurance.

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